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Carlo Scarpa Prize: La campagna culturale continua il 10, 11 and 12 May – Benetton Foundation

xxiv edition, 2013

SkrHeather, Nupur

Dyrafjordur, Iceland


Show on the designated place. Press release


The Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, part of the campaign's cultural International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens 2013, organizes a show that offers the essentials to follow the story of a historical and cultural place Icelandic, around which focuses the attention of the Award, composed of the garden Skrúður and from the village of Thu- Nupur, located on the edge of one of the fjords of the north-western region, a few kilo-meters from the little circle-ing Arctic.

The exhibition will be aperta da sabato 11 May to Domenica 30 June 2013 Bomben spaces of Treviso.


The itinerary tries to make understandable the geographical and cultural characters of a remote country, l'Angla, and the cultural events that sees the garden take its origin at the beginning of the twentieth century from the hands of a Protestant pastor and his wife Sigtryggur Gudlaugsson, in tune coll'avvio of a school and an education program that looks at the redemption conditions backward agricultural.


The exhibition, organized in three sections, presents inside documents photo-graphic, Audiovisual and a collection of reference materials available in a separate room.

The first section illustrates the geographical character of the place, his membership in the Icelandic territory and its links with a wider geographical horizon. The section also describes the data needed to understand the geological nature of Iceland and historical destiny of a country in which the continuous eruptions have changed unceasingly the face of the land and the development of society.

The second section shows places and experiences that may be useful to understand the Icelandic landscape and its links with the culture of the, by the attraction of symbolic places such as Þingvellir, headquarters of the parliamentary world's oldest (930-1798), until the gaze on contemporary attitudes to the change of the landscape.

The third section illustrates the historical events and the ways in which it was built and still lives the garden Skrudur. Particularly, describes the main steps and the mentality of an operation here that is understandable even by reading the diary (prominently on display in the original) on which, in forty years, Pastor noted his work as an educator and brave farmer in a challenging environment, marked by elements of backwardness. It also documented the work of the group of men and women who in recent years has taken charge of the garden, he rescued from abandonment and returned it in 1996 visits and growing.


The sample, in the performance of themes and iconographic material illustrated, builds on the dossier on the occasion of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens is published by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche (and that will be available for sale inside).


SkrHeather, Nupur

public opening of the exhibition Friday 10 May 2013 hours 18

aperta da sabato 11 May to Sunday 30 June 2013

from Tuesday to Friday 15-20, Saturday and Sunday 10-20

spaces Bomben, via Cornarotta 7, Treviso

free admission

for information: Benetton Foundation, via Cornarotta 7-9, Treviso

such. 0422.5121, fax 0422.579483,,



Avia the appointments of public xxiv edition of Carlo Scarpa Prize

Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May 2013


Friday 10, Saturday 11, Sunday 12 May 2013 the country's cultural xxiv edition of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, sponsored and organized by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, will live its most intense days.


The program includes a series of events that allow you to know not only SkrHeather and Nupur, which together form the location in the center of the attention of the scientific and cultural Carlo Scarpa Prize, but also the landscape and the fundamental themes of geography, the his-tory and culture of Iceland.

We are on the shore of Dýrafjördur, one of the fjords that run through the north-western region of the island, a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

Skrudur is a vegetable garden, a botanical garden linked to a school of arts and crafts, surrounded solemn behind the curtain of mountains from the hips moved by glacial erosion and downstream from a barren land that slopes down to the sea. Núpur is the name of the great mountain that is above and below that is the microcosm inhabited, with the school, the church and the farm; is home to a community that at the beginning of the twentieth century has challenged the extreme environmental situation with a program to improve the human condition given to the cultivation of the land, education and social elevation of someone who cares.


Friday 10 May at 18, Treviso, auditorium spaces Bomben

conference on the Icelandic landscape Reynir Vilhjálmsson (landscape among the most significant of the current European landscape, study Landslag, Reykjavik);

opening of the exhibition documentary dedicated to the place designated by the twenty-fourth edition of the Prize Carlo Scarpa, Bomben spaces open to the public until Sunday 30 June.

Join Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, President of the Republic of Iceland 1980 to the 1996.


Saturday 11 May at 9.30-13.30, Treviso, auditorium spaces Bomben

seminar on the designated place

Are tripped Adalsteinn Eiríksson (Secretary of the Foundation for Skrudur); Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson (Institute of Earth Sciences, Università d’Islanda); Guðmundur Hálfdanarson (Department of History, UUniversity of Iceland; Þráinn Hauksson (architetto paesaggista, study Landslag, Reykjavik); Daníel Jakobsson (Mayor of Ísafjarðarbær, member of the Foundation for Skrudur); Brynjólfur Jónsson (President of the Foundation for Skrudur); And Einar. Sæmundsen (architetto paelandscape architecttun, Kópavogur). Coordinator Luigi Latini (Benetton Foundation). They also participate Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, Tries Vilhjálmsson, i memb della Giuria del Premio Internazionale Carlo Scarpa per il Giardino.

L'incontro è organizzato per conoscere, attraverso contributi e testimonianze dirette di studiosi e figurehead pubbliche islandesi, la Geologist, la geografia e la storia di Quel Paese, i suoi wrote e Giardini, a partire valley Caso di Emblem Tico Significator Storico, Sociale e pedagogico rappresentato da Skrudur, Nupur, nel Dyrafjordur. La discussione è aper a tutti.

Saturday 11 May at 17-19, Treviso, Teatro Comunale Mario Del Monaco

cerimonia di Constable provoke del Premio Carlo Scarpa 2013

Coordinative Domenico Luciani (International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens). Intervengono Vigdis Finnbogadóttir (President of the Republic of Iceland 1980 to the 1996) e Athelstan Eric (se-gretario della Fondazione per garden). La cerimonia pre-Vedel proiezioni, interventi Musicale cali (rhymes islandesi) di Steindór Andersen e Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson. Brynjólfur Jónsson (President of the Foundation for Skrudur) receives the seal of recognition, designed by Carlo Scarpa and entrusted to the Framkvæmdasjóður Skrúðs/Foundation for Skrudur, authority responsible for the place. Daníel Jakobsson (Mayor of Ísafjarðarbær, member of the Foundation for Skrudur) brings a witness.

The meeting will open with the public release of the dossier Skrúður, Nupur, by Patrizia Boschiero, Luigi Latini, Domenico Luciani, and ends with a toast.


Sunday 12 May at 18, Treviso, auditorium spaces Bomben

meeting / concert

Rímur. Icelandic epic songs and nature

di Steindór Andersen e Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, accompanied by a string quartet formed by Giorgio Pavan (violino), Claudio Rado (violin), Alessandro Dalla Libera (purple), Julius Padoin (cello). Introduction by Maurizio Tani (University of Iceland).




Internal reference of coordination: Patrizia Boschiero. The meetings are scheduled for all public and free admission. It is expected the Italian translation of each intervention in Icelandic or English. The seminar on Saturday 11 morning (Foundation in the) takes place in Italian and English, with simultaneous translation, and is streamed on the site of the Foundation, For organizational reasons, ask that you notify, possibly by Monday 6 May, the intention to attend the seminar, through the form available on the website or by contacting the secretariat (such. 0422.5121, fax 0422.579483,, Monday to Friday, hours 9-13 and 14-18).


The Jury

Luigi Latini, IUAV University of Venice; Domenico Luciani, Benetton Foundation, Treviso (coordinator of the Award); Monique Mosser, School of Architecture of Versailles, cnrs; Lionello Puppi, Ca 'Foscari University of Venice (President of the Jury); Tito Jose Rojo, University of Granada; Massimo Venturi Ferriolo, Polytechnic of Milan.

Honorary Members: Carmen Añón, University of Madrid; Thomas Wright, University of London.