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With reference to the provisions of the Decree. 196/2003, relating to the protection of privacy in the processing of personal data,
we hereby wish to inform you that the personal data provided by you, or otherwise acquired as part of,
can be processed with or without the aid of electronic means, in accordance with the above regulations, for the purposes
institutional / commercial of our society, and in particular for:

- to implement a service or one or more contractually agreed;
- the performance of obligations under applicable laws or regulations;
- protection of the rights in court;
- send news concerning the activities of and its trading partners;
- the transfer of your data to is strictly related to the transaction or, when specified, to the activities agreed upon by;
- The holder of the data processing, ai sensi D.lgs. 196/2003 is the administrator of GFP Graphic Photos Advertising Ltd., holder of the trademark;

The data will be stored at our registered office of Azzano Decimo (PN), Via Fiumicino 13, for the time prescribed by law.
The processing of the data provided, or otherwise acquired as part of our activity, can also be carried out by persons who have been granted the
right to access your personal information by law or secondary legislation and / or Community.
At any time you may request the modification or cancellation of such data by sending an e-mail to