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A corporate philosophy.

In 1999 Laurameroni design collection it was just a project, a difficult, a call risky and at the same time irresistible, but with the main well-defined lines: attention to detail, high quality, choosing wood as a raw material with exotic woods and precious, and customizing, pushing the limits of industrial production.
In April 2000 the brand becomes reality and presents a world premiere in Milan during the Salone del Mobile. The draft of the new brand immediately stand out thanks to their uniqueness and originality. The wood, the glass and the metal, selected over the years, come together thanks to a strong creative, that can transform the simplest forms in works of artistic craftsmanship.

Severe volumes, right proportions, especially special sizes and surface treatment still characterize the products Laurameroni. The sense of touch has become essential to perceive the real value and consistency of products, achieved through a fruitful collaboration between architects and craftsmen.
Today Laurameroni design collection is a novelty that has built a defined itself in the crowded world of design. A constantly changing reality, always in search of new tailor-made solutions for customers seeking elegant furnishings with a strong character.

It is a combination of Art, Design and Architecture, three words that clearly delineate the production of the brand.

In conjunction with the 47th International Furniture Fair in Milan also Laurameroni Design Collection opened its permanent space in the historic center of the city: a second home, an elegant apartment interior atmosphere where they are set up that they can give appropriate prominence to the products and convey the true philosophy.

The collections "Intarsia", “Maxima”, "Sculptures", “Orchestra”, "Sottsass", "High Ground","Stars" and collections of doors and paneling "Decor" ,"Graffiti" and the last presented "Bamboo" and "Elements" are clearly the brand and its philosophy: be different…be unique.

The essence of design collection Laurameroni

Art Architecture Design.

Three groups of well-defined products and for three distinct business areas , which can otherwise be integrated with one of their, outline the collections Laurameroni.

High-quality materials.

The choice of using carefully selected materials distinguishes the entire line: rosewood, teak, walnut, wenge, steel, cherry, durmast, brass, copper steel, full grain leather dyed in barrel, multilayer, thick veneer, massello, blockboard.

Crafts architects Technology.

The creativity of architects who work with Laurameroni allows you to enhance the value of the precious traditional skills of artisans Made in Italy, that with the support of sophisticated machinery, make products from surfaces only.

Le superficial.

The vocation for the treatment of materials characterized it since birth mark, that, reinventing their surfaces, contributes to the neologism "surface design".
The perceived quality.

The quality is understood by the end user so thanks mainly to design tactile resulting, allowing to perceive the value and the real size of your "touch".

The uniqueness of the product.

The product, always maintaining its original identity, is also tailor-made according to customer's requirements. A customization service that allows the distinction between the 'atelier and prêt-à-porter.

The highly recognizable.

A product that distinguishes it from the multitude of proposals approved, for which the price is not always recognized as the true value.



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