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Giorgio Cattelan, founder CATTELAN ITALY SPA was born in Thiene, last of a family of 7 brothers, the son of a carpenter in this small town just north of Vicenza, in the north-east of Italy.
The scent of wood, the art of creating a piece of furniture is part of the genetic heritage of family, where in fact five of the seven brothers continued, in different ways, the family tradition in the furniture industry.

CATTELAN ITALY was founded in 1979 brainchild of Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, that they began to small accessories with a strong marble, such as tables and coffee tables, addressing mainly a foreign market.
The commercial results from sales in the United States, Europe and the Far East were immediate and good luck.
In 1982 built the first factory in Carré (WE), that has been continuously expanded and renovated, until reaching the current size of 33.000 square meters of covered.

In 1989, to meet the growing market demand, The collection grows, offering dining tables, chairs, libraries and other accessories, constructed in various materials such as wood, the glass, the skin and the metal.

Thanks also to the collaboration of architects and designers such as Yoshino, Piazzogna, Longhi, Nanni, Studio Cà Nova, Graphite Group, Shito, Jackson and Lucatello are consolidated and awarded to the tireless ambitions Giorgio Cattelan with international recognition for certain products. In particular, the chair "Beautiful" received an award for its design and functionality to the "NEO CON" in Chicago.

In 1995 two sons, Lorenzo and Paolo, join the company.
Lorenzo follows the company's image, developing the graphics / art, until 2002 when he moved to Tuscany, where he leads a winery with agriturismo and renowned vineyards, in the region of Chianti DOCG.

Paul looks after the commercial, becoming the Sales Manager of the company, traveling most of the year in order to consolidate its relations with major clients all over the world. With the passage of time and thanks to the support and experience of Giorgio Cattelan, Paul is now a fundamental figure in the study, design and product launches always winning.

The company continues to expand, ranks among the most important Italian companies in the furniture industry. In 2004 acquires and begins to distribute the brand FLY LINE, producer among other things, chairs and DAPHNE DU-30 (both designed by Gastone Rinaldi) awarded the Compasso d'oro.
In September 2007 presents a new and ambitious project, with a collection glamor proposal for the first time at the fair in Verona "Abitare il Tempo". With the name of the NOIR collection finds its confirmation and first commercial success during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, April 2008.

Today Cattelan Italy is proud to state that they are present in more than 104 countries worldwide, with more than 2500 outlets of the most qualified. In support of such a distribution network, a large number of agents and a continuous presence at major international trade fairs and concrete furniture, such as Cologne, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, Kortrijk etc. ovviamente, Milan.

CATTELAN ITALY is not only "house full", is also peace and humanity, is also open the door and breathe in the scent of expensive things. Groped to get to the heart, furnishing with simplicity and refinement by joining the choice of the best materials to the style which represents us.


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36010 Carrè – Vicenza – Italy

TELEPHONE: 0445 318711