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Winter Breeze Collection 2013 by De Majo

It is a journey in the winter of brilliant and mysterious. A journey in search of the origin of crystalline matter and its deeper meaning. Its many facets, expressions and forms. It 'a journey into the world of glass, of that beautiful Murano glass so poignant and fascinating, passionate and indecipherable.

With this collection we have tried to push beyond the expressive power of our light fixtures. Interpret the unpredictable, unexpected forms, the perceptible sign of an expression that changes and evolves to another state. The result is an intense aesthetic and stylistic. The desire to interpret and live a new experience of matter. In different forms. Through suggestions, places, atmospheres.

The material is glass. Always dominant with the flow of a narrative self-. It is the absolute protagonist of the narrative and space. There are suggestions. Places and spaces in which the matter has become a leader of a suggestion, source of inspiration. And then there are the atmospheres. Places where the material wraps around objects and environments rewriting space, transforming the surfaces investing them with refreshing brightness and intense romance. Eyes on the dream then. The light designed to promote a new and more seductive perception of interior spaces. This event is dedicated to the Collection Winter Breeze. Hints and tips to take full advantage of the emotional depth of the night illuminated reflections fans. And one day that opens the windows on the world and embraces its sunny mornings.

Once again Francesco Dei Rossi and Roberto Absence have proven their ability to capture the flickering ductility of Murano glass to give us a new collection of lamps in which the theme a bit 'icy of "wanted" crystal dissolves in an atmosphere almost .

It 's the "winter wind" that generates a load of pure clarity the inspiration of these chandeliers, where the cold feeling is immediately tempered by the perception of the furnace heat and passion of those who have imagined and expertly made.



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