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Wienerberger for the reconstruction of Emilia

Wienerberger bricks gives his ground for the reconstruction of Service Centre Polyvalent "Val di Non" Rovereto and S. Anthony (MO), one of the areas most affected by the earthquake, providing also its most innovative solution, System Porotherm DRYFIX



Wienerberger, company deeply rooted in the Emilia, has mobilized to bring their systems in brick, Winning both from a performance point of view both of speed of installation, to provide fast and effective solutions that enable you to restore the civic activities of primary importance in the municipalities most affected by the earthquake of 20 and 29 May 2012.


At the beginning of 2013 the system adjusted Porotherm BIO PLAN was the subject of a donation to the construction of the Service Centre Polyvalent "Val di Non" in Rovereto sulla Secchia, in the municipality of Novi di Modena, one of the areas most affected by the latest earthquake in May 2012.
The Centre, which will contain some municipal offices and a Doctor, a floor above ground, will have a total area of 400 m². The work, conducted by over 100 artisans in the province of Trento volunteers who have joined the project, are in progress and proceeding at high speed.
Wienerberger has chosen to donate to this very important project for the community of Rovereto their fastest: the System Porotherm DRYFIX. In fact, the coupling Porotherm BIO PLAN 30-25/19,9 Extra DRYFIX l'adesivo Porotherm, it was possible wall 3 trucks of material in only 4 working days.

As pointed out by Mr.. Sandro Franzoso, Project manager of the Service Centre Polyvalent, “the collaboration with the technicians Wienerberger allowed us to introduce energy efficiency unthinkable in the design phase, combining other elements to this innovative and high value-added at least for our operation of solidarity. Choosing Porotherm BIO PLAN 30-25/19,9 we, in fact, got a building performance in terms of energy that uses a production process without the use of chemical additives lowering the environmental impact. Not the least, in a process of laying that had to be very rapid (cooperation with the Friends of the Val di Non imposed), collaboration with the technicians of Wienerberger has allowed us to exponentially accelerate installation time. The installation using adhesive DRYFIX has already resulted in a rapid complement the walls ".


The project of "Service Center Multipurpose Non Valley
The design of the Versatile Service Center has been developed by the "All together in Rovereto and St. Anthony – ONLUS”, with the municipal administration, with the purpose of providing citizens with all the services that were present before the earthquake in Rovereto (as outpatient clinics and pediatric, booking service, registry office, library, etc.…).
The complex, that will have a total area of 400 mq, will consist of two distinct structures, joined by a unique coverage, thanks to which it will be obtained a central body to accommodate the technical services.
The building will be of high quality (Class A) thanks to numerous design features a view of energy efficiency, including underfloor heating, cooling, the insulation of external walls, interior walls in plasterboard, photovoltaic plant 6 kW, ventilation between the stalls and the floor and the plumbing system and electrical high-profile. Around a large green area is expected to be allocated for group use.
The project will be carried out in voluntarily by the artisans of Val di Non that you have undertaken free to assemble the two houses in the winter to be able to deliver them in the spring 2013. Over 100 craftsmen have joined the project and will alternate weekly in teams in achieving. Also will contribute to the Consortium of producers Taio Cocea, the Union Frutticoltori of Coredo, seven municipalities of Predaia Plateau and several specialized companies.


Porotherm BIO PLAN ie Wienerberger
Following the reconnaissance made dall'ANDIL (National Association of Industrial and Bricks) nell'aree affected by the earthquake Emilia, has been shown how the block Porotherm BIO PLAN 30-25/19,9 Wienerberger is an excellent solution in seismic zone. The block, which belongs to the famiglia Wienerberger Porotherm BIO PLAN, guarantees maximum safety and comfort of living even in areas with high seismic risk. Also, thanks to the composition based on natural clays provide a high energy saving in time.


Wienerberger porotherm 45 45zs 2010




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