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Furnishings as in fashion is one of the favorite colors of the moment

The gray is now the fashionable color for furniture, used in all its nuances because neutral but at the same time elegant and timeless. Suitable for all rooms, enhances the other colors in the environment.

Just going in the direction of a constant renewal of the product range, Colavene presents Acquaceramica and other major collections washbasins and sinks (Active Wash, Jollywash, Swash, Cute, Twist, Duo, Brava, the container base and wall units)finish gray canvas: a color material, inspired by fabrics, that draws on a plot structure similar to that of the fabric. , canvas gray is a color that does not have anything metallic and approaches, instead, the warm tones of brown.

The collections Colavene:

Acquaceramica is the new line of ceramic sinks Colavene, designed by Alessandro Paolelli. The basin / wash Aquaceramica (in 4 measures 45, 50, 60 to 75×50 cm) can be placed on structural steel with teak floors, in the variant to the ground or suspended; or mounted on wooden cabinets are also available in mounted,. The line also includes three wash classic lines, more capacious (deep soaking tub 34 cm against the 22 cm of the other basins) available in sizes 60×60, 60 and 75×50 cm deep.

Brava 1,2,3
"Bravo" is the number of columns with multiple functions. All models have 1 or more baskets laundry overhead disappearance. Brava 1 can accommodate the front-loading washing machine and has a small overhead door for rapid insertion of the laundry in the drum. The large top compartment can accommodate objects for washing. Brava 2 has two laundry baskets and hidden a large upper compartment. Brava 3 has a laundry basket rocking and two rBravadown both for products and for washing linen store.

Performs the dual function of sink for hand washing and washing compartment. The large laundry basket slides on two tracks by hiding the content inside. Accompanied by a solid wood table Strofinatoio.

Sink, sinks and washbasins, are the functions of this mobile equipped with a laundry basket and a small side compartment. The table in solid wood board performs the functions of sinks and shelf.

A simple design of this furniture is essential for laundry. The table in solid, thanks to two hinges, folds during washing or stretching when it is used as a cover or support surface. Swash has a large compartment for storing items, detergents.

The cabinet has a special: a wide top with embossed slip, The laundry basket, very large, is sliding on the rails. The table is made of solid wood board sinks and shelf. Solid wood is also the holder grid. Wing alterale full-height is the space for the table and the products of laundry.

Has a double wash tub, equipped with a solid wooden board. Fitted on request of the board to cover the total. The basket for the laundry center is located at the sides are two convenient storage compartments.



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