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Innovative solutions for the recovery and upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings

Wienerberger participates in the technical seminar sponsored by AbitareEco and EdicomEdizioni dedicated to the theme of energy saving and innovation in the field of urban regeneration


As, 6 March 2013, hours 15-18,30
Hotel Cruise, Via Carducci 3, Montano Lucino (CO)


The ancient buildings are the symbol of a territory, of its heritage, reflecting the social and cultural identity of a place. At the same time, buildings standing represent a high-level of energy inefficiency: should therefore be carefully monitored and there shall be specific interventions in terms of building restoration.


Wienerberger, the forefront of developing innovative solutions in brick, attentive to issue of restructuring of historic buildings, developed ad hoc solutions to optimize the difficult logistical management of the yard even on existing architectural structures.
To investigate this issue, the company has recently launched a successful partnership con AbitareEco, a project for the development of a culture of energy efficiency, and with EdicomEdizioni, publishing house specializing in sustainable architecture and green building.

From this collaboration, comes the desire to actually tackle the issue of building restoration, as evidenced by the seminar
“Energy recovery and rehabilitation of historic buildings " to be held Wednesday 6 March 2013 presso l'Hotel How to Cruise (Via Carducci 3, Montano Lucino) pm 15 all 18,30.
The conference, drawing from the EU Energy Efficiency Plan, which requires Member States to increase the energy efficiency of buildings, including the redevelopment (according to the protocols Passivhaus, Net Zero Energy Building, Carbon Neutral Building), seeks to highlight interesting potential applications in redevelop the historic buildings in which it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the aesthetic and formal characteristic.


The seminar is an opportunity training aimed at professionals of the area, thanks to the intervention of qualified speakers, to provide new skills and tools to effectively transpose the requirements of the project in the practice of construction.

During the day we will define some guidelines for the rehabilitation of historic buildings, with emphasis on methodological issues and regulatory. Will be presented at a later time virtuous models, through the analysis of case history specifiche sul recupero.
Finally, in a round table discussion will be proposed the most innovative technological solutions and related materials for the rehabilitation of historic buildings. In this context intervene l'Ing. Marco De Pascale Wienerberger, to offer the latest company in the field of restructuring and to present new solutions designed to achieve maximum home comfort and to encourage the development of activities aimed at building renovation.

The topics covered by Eng. De Pascale will cover the analysis of the ground and of partition porizzate for the purpose of upgrading, but also the presentation of’newest member of the family Porotherm PLAN: Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5 T – 0,09, designed to improve energy efficiency. Particularly, will be analyzed in depth the effectiveness of‘adesivo Porotherm DRYFIX extra, created to reduce consumption and waste in construction activities. This system is the ideal solution for renovations, greatly reducing installation time and allows you to avoid the use of mortar King. These features greatly facilitate the restructuring, making every action more practical, fast and clean.

The conference is sponsored by the Order of Architects of the Province of Como, Order of Engineers of the Province of Como and Board of Surveyors and Land Surveyors of the Province of Como Graduates.

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