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The "Special Pieces" by Wienerberger: indispensable allies to maximize thermal performance, acoustic and installation time.

To meet the most demanding needs of the design and construction of energy efficient buildings, Wienerberger has created a series of "Special Parts", elements that provide an important support to optimize thermal performance and solve thermal bridges.

It is basic technical aspects, able to make a difference in phase of realization and in terms of the quality of the building as a whole. The products that optimize these functions are: the Thermal panels effe2, the lintel Insulated, Lock sonic, the formwork corrected and the Media Blocks.

The "Special items" represent a valid support for each project, becoming valid and useful
allies of the designer and architect who finds himself face to face with issues such as performance
energy, the acoustics of a building of brick and shutter speeds.

Among the "Special Pieces", products that allow you to maximize the thermal performance are two: the effe2 Thermal panels and lintel Insulated.

- The Thermal panels effe2 is a brick element saturated with holes of polystyrene with a thickness of 6 cm and a thermal conductivity of only 0,08 W / mK. Its insulating performance are further accentuated if the product is used in conjunction with
letrizio adjusted Porotherm BIO PLAN, made with clay and wood flour (which contributes to crearere a biocompatible environment and ensures energy saving in time). The Thermal panels effe2 is the ideal product for the elimination of the thermal bridge.
To obtain low-energy buildings, guarantees a maximum thermal insulation and ease of assembly.

- The’Architrave Insulated represents an indispensable ally for the elimination of thermal bridges, namely, all constructive discontinuities present in any building structure in the perimeter openings. Also, related to the products Porotherm PLAN, The product allows you to achieve maximum thermal insulation. The Insulated Lintel is the ideal solution for the lintels of walls made of blocks performing Wienerberger BIO PLAN, PLAN PLUS e PLANA . It’ available in several thicknesses and in different lengths. The elements that Wienerberger instead represent a valid support to optimize the acoustic performance are the block sonic and the formwork corrected.

- The Block sonic allows you to get sound from culls 53 a 55 dB, thanks to a puncture of the 5%. In fact, the compactness of the size and dimensions (30x24x11,3 cm) Product, allow to obtain high performance acoustic solutions. The thickness, also, can be of 24 di 30 cm, allowing a simple realization of the tracks for plants.

- The Block mold adjusted is the ideal solution to maximize the acoustic performance, ensuring sound reduction of load-bearing masonry. The use of special mortar Porotherm BIO PLAN and the staggering of the blocks allow to create the cavity for casting the concrete along the entire height of the masonry, ensuring excellent sound insulation.
The elements that optimize installation time are the means Blocks.

- I Means Blocks allow to obtain a quick and precise laying, provide greater cleaning on site and offer valuable support and fast in the construction of the wall to complete the range of masonry infill. They provide a good framework for faster installation thanks to the thickness available from 38 cm a 45 cm. Questicmlementi are also available for the blocks filled in the range Porotherm PLANA PLAN PLUS and in thicknesses from 42,5cm aa 36,5 cm (size 42.5 / 36.5×12,4×24,9 cm) and 30 (size 30×18,3×24,9 cm).cm



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