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Severin has presented in recent days in Germany 3 new models of microwave refining further flexibility of use and safety with particular attention to energy saving.

The new models in fact drastically cut down the cooking time, in percentages ranging from 50 to the 70% less than the previous ones.

If in fact the power can arrive at 900W is, however, possible to reduce the use and especially in a functional choose the desired doneness.

The handy multifunctional digital display, completely redesigned, also allows you to customize the practical pre-set programs (until 9), including thawing. The integration of microwave technology with a ventilation function also allows to improve the cooking and accelerate the phase of simple heating avoiding that the heat is concentrated on a particular area.

The microwave oven is one of the appliances that best reflects the changing rhythms of our days” Felice says Caputo, CEO Severin Italy “Or the result of the acceleration response of our daily lives, the microwave oven is one of the products Severin growing in virtually every market. The quality expressed in years of research and safety combined to improve the performance of the new models are a sure best-seller”.

Among the innovations, next to the ventilation function that allows a cooking similar to that of traditional oven, 10 different power levels, double grid and start at full power.

Characterized simply by increasing numbers (7870, 7071, 7872) which denote the different capacity (20, 25 e 30 lt) and power (800, 1950 e 2200 In) three are priced at Severin Microwave 180, 239 e 269 €and

Severin Microonde MW7872 = 30 lt – 1250In – with grill and hot air (2200W for the hot air)- 269€

Severin Microonde MW7871 = 25 lt – 1950W with grill and hot air, preheating – €239   (110° to 200 °)

Severin Microonde MW7870 = 20 lt – 800W grill function (separata a 1000W) – €180.

CURIOSITY’ - Heat orange for 15/20 seconds before spremerla allows to obtain a greater quantity of juice; To renew a little mascara’ just heat it dry 30-40 second placing beside a glass of water; Breadsticks or crackers that have lost the original fragrance, may find it again with a few seconds of microwave.

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