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The glass is proving to be the material of choice for the creative design applied to environments where visual impact is important: entrance hall of companies, hotels and shopping centers, show-room, entertainment venues such as nightclubs, etc.. In fact, in the realization of stairs, scalinate, steps, whatever the size of the structures, only glass makes it possible to achieve really dramatic and engaging.

However even the glass, as any other material used for walking surfaces, must provide sufficient friction to avoid slipping, particularly in places that, by definition, should be accessible to everyone.
The rules are strict but their application in reality it is just as. One of the main causes is surely due to the fact that glass floors and stairs are often performed in float glass made simple "slip" with traditional methods such as milling, serigraphs ceramics, sand: to verify the effectiveness of the treatment is neglected, and the duration in time of some of these finishes very limited.

Very different characteristics conferred on the glass slip from the incision chemical, that, in Italian, Vitrealspecchi done with a special and exclusive process designed precisely to provide a material proven and durable. Name of line: Madras® Flooring. The certification document produced, depending on the models of textures, coefficients of friction in accordance with Italian regulations, U.S. and major European countries. In fact the tests of anti-slip characteristics were carried out according to standard BCR. (recognized in several countries including Italy and Great Britain), IN 51130 (request in Germany) e ASTM C 1028 (recognized in the U.S.).

For these characteristics, combined with the aesthetic qualities, Madras ® Flooring is used in places of international prestige, and high traffic, as for example in staircases in glass of different Apple's Stores in the world, in the Louis Vuitton store on New Bond Street in London, aircraft Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen, the, also in Germany, in the town hall in Stuttgart, as suggestive floor transparent suspended above the topographic map Giant City.

Wide range of textures Madras ® Flooring, differentiated according to their patterns for use in small and large areas, but united by a clever combination of reliefs and engravings, roughness and transparency providing safe grip whether dry or wet. Madras ® Flooring is tempered and laminated, prerequisites for a glass to be used as decking. When laminated with transparent float glass and suitably backlit, allows you to create floors and stairs very suggestive (in. photo). Laminated with an opaque film or mirror, allows to obtain refined "tiles" high-tech style, also for floating floors.

The line Madras ® Flooring is completed with Ecosat Flooring, characterized by a compact texture and brilliant, certified by the properties not only slip but also scratchproof high level.


- Base material: float glass to UNI EN 572-1,2: 2004.

- Anti-slip certified to the main international standards.

- Ecosat Flooring: scratch resistance certified to UNI 9428:1989.

- Standard plate size: 2250 x 3210 mm

- Thicknesses: 8/10 mm

- Color: clear, extrachiaro

- Weight: 2,5 kg / m² per mm of thickness

- Are open to all machining and heat.



Stairs in glass Madras ® Pixel Flooring tempered extra- 12 mm laminated float glass from extra- 12 and 10 mm. Luminaire with LED inserted.
Design and construction: Grazi Crystals. The company last year celebrated fifty years of activity, and has always been characterized for Research on product, on its processing and applications. Its unique know-how is necessary to give form and substance to the most creative projects to achieve a step ahead and never dull. To deepen the understanding:




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