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From Dierre intelligent technology that makes the home safer


Elettra of Dierre is the new security door keys but that does not use an advanced system Keyless card with a microchip to manage all functions of the window.

A technology entirely made in Italy which makes the entrance of the house virtually unassailable and optimizes access management with great simplicity.

To open Elettra In fact, just bring your membership card to the reader, thus actuating the electronic lock.

For each card with a microchip-the size of a normal credit card- is assigned a unique code, chosen from among billions of possible combinations and thus impossible to clone.

In case of loss or theft then simply block access to the single card, thereby avoiding costly replacement of the lock security.

A practical solution to which is added the possibility of assigning the same card to open more doors, such as the home and office, each of which will store all inputs made by each single tile.

Available on the extent and in various versions (Swing single or double, Sesto, with transom or sidelight), Elettra Dierre is equipped with a special coating “new termicoline” that guarantees high thermal insulation values ​​and respects the regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and entitling to a tax deduction of 55% the costs incurred.

Created by Vincenzo De Robertis in 1975, Dierre is an Italian brand worldwide leader in the production of armored doors of first entry and interior doors.

Among the strengths of the company-which has always invested in technological research-the ability to combine standardization of production processes with the personalization of individual orders. A special software handles all the orders so that they are traceable in every phase, in order to provide a real-time response to customers and resellers.

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