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The’ Arts and crafts from handmade and technological innovation

The’ Arts and crafts from handmade and technological innovation
is at the center of the conference sponsored by the Region of Tuscany, Tuscany Promotion, CNA Tuscany and artex

14 November 2012 Villa Fabbricotti, Florence, hours 9,30- 12,30

The word Handicraft always calls to mind the image of the handiwork, of the industrious experience shop and a daily routine that has its rooted in tradition. This "culture of manual" is now in close contact with the new technologies and the new media, fast and dynamic tools that enable constant interaction of users online. From this meeting seemingly disparate worlds they fall in the’craftsman of the XXI century, a new concept that combines modernity and tradition, creating something new.
The craftsmanship in fact becomes increasingly web oriented existing transforms into an activity which can involve many users on the network. With this virtual participation come true community made to Internet, bloggers and fans of the web. It’ in its network that profoundly changes the craft and is enriched with feedback and incentives to achieve public ever new. To develop these themes ARTEX and Tuscany Promotion, with garagErasmus together with trade associations crafts, organized the conference "The craftsman of the XXI century: work culture, technology, new media and manual to be held Wednesday 14 November, a Villa Fabbricotti in Florence.

• The day begins at 9,30 with opening remarks by Gianfranco Simoncini, Councillor for Productive Activities, Employment and Training of the Tuscany Region. All 10 instead you will enter the heart of the discussion with the participation of ARTEX (Center for Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts Tuscany): will take stock of the situation on craft art, emphasizing those that are the criticality (communication problems, transmission of knowledge and succession planning) and illustrating how new technologies and new media are able to cope. The Director of ARTEX, Alessandro Ricceri, comment on some updated data on the sector in Tuscany. A follow, Simona Bonciani, consultant and lecturer in communication and web marketing expert and owner of the agency Noetica Bologna, discuss the latest trends in social media and marketing tools to help you reach your target, with a specific focus on the world of social networks in relation to personal branding.

• At hours 11 will be discussed handicraft 2.0 with Carlo Ratti, Founding director of the MIT Senseable City Lab: we will discuss the utility of eshop, blogging and the latest software, but also the potential of online sales related to the development of ever new. The "techno-artisan" has in fact technological tools to spread, online e off line, its specificity handmade: new materials, new web services, phone app and robotic manufacturing processes are just some of the new avenues.

Around 11,30 will open panel discussionScenarios of contemporary creativity"Moderated by Stefano Micelli (Professor of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Venice and author of the book Craftsman future) for a direct comparison between case histories innovative. Starting from organizations working in the Italian and international propose concrete and specific ideas about the relationship between web, technology, new media and craft production.

- Francesca Mazzocchi of project Digital Makers, reality that will appeal to all those who create, innovate and make corporate culture merging trends of the web with the "savoir faire" typically Italian.
- The brand Super Duper Hats, specialized in the production of handmade hair made from refined retro style.
- Do it!, a group of designers who takes care of creative recycling (as the 01 Lamp, lamp open source obtainable from a cardboard pizza).
- Giulia Tognellini, spokesman for the project Thatsarte, web platform dedicated to the sale of artistic ceramics.
- Elisa Lucia Delogu and Principe, the founders of the studio Fish Tires, a studio / workshop in Bologna dedicated to textile design and creation of sustainable products with recycled fabrics and natural materials.
- The journalist Simone Cosimi, collaborator, and the monthly Inside Art, proposing a specific focus on the movement of makers and handcrafts 2.0

The event is sponsored by Region of Tuscany, Tuscany Promotion, garagErasmus, ARTEX, CNA and Confartigianato companies Tuscany Tuscany.


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