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Home personal shopper the professional that will change the sector of

These days, home decorating has become a stress.

The Home Personal Shopper, a new and interesting professional, runs to our aid, and soon the world of can not live without.


We find out in detail what it is!


WHO ' - Imported by the U.S. (where it is now known from the Eighties), l’Home Shopper è un mix tra Art Buyer e Personal Shopper. Sometimes a designer or architect is ready to try out this new hot activities, but basically it is a lover of furniture, why it is constantly updated on trends and news interesting. Good taste, industry knowledge, expertise in sales and organizational skills are essential qualities of this eclectic figure.

Clearly has a good network of contacts and professionals (the mason all'imbianchino, electrician, plumber, the plasterboard is, etc. ...) as well as a direct line to retailers, showrooms and manufacturers of furniture.

E 'a consultant, a guide, a buyer (the Purchasing Manager), a trusted aid, a real “angelo custode” to trust to avoid going crazy while trying to simultaneously deal with family, home and work.



Home Personal Shopper Treviso



WHAT WE DO – Interpreting the tastes and needs of the client the Home Shopper search, identifies and compares the items most likely to satisfy, and is dedicated to all the activities necessary to purchase (from the collection of quotes and samples, to visit the store, the selection of suppliers, Order Confirmation, organization of the delivery and / or assembly, the resolution of any issues). L’Home Shopper, therefore:



AUDIENCE the Home Shopper - Anyone can contact the Home Shopper, to buy a single piece of furniture (a sofa, a table, una Lampada, etc. ... ), the furnishing of a room (a kitchen, a bathroom, a contemporary ...) or the whole house. The services of 'Home Shopper, the Home Personal Shopper (as he prefers to be called to focus on personalized service), are directed mainly to the private, but they can also help to owners of small accommodation (B&B o agriturismi) or small businesses that prefer not to specifically market contract (generally more standardized).



Home Shopper Treviso




I ADVANTAGES deriving dall'affidarsi to a Home Shopper are multiple:


I COSTS the service of home Shopper are impossible to estimate a priori, just as personalized and tailored. But keep in mind that the intervention of this figure should be a help to the customer, and a means for buy better, also in terms of price. The cost of the service is then generally offset by the reduction in price of the item that you are going to buy (since, thanks to the Home Shopper the customer will purchase with discounts generally higher).


In its original conception, The Home Shopper is paid by private that appoints the, and does not receive percentages from the stores (this would render impartial and objective).

Do not forget, however, that this figure to the shop (showroom or producer who is) serves as a potential showcase, whereby will be "spoiled" and treated with a certain respect compared to a single buyer, both in terms of price and in terms of service before- and post-sale.


The Home Personal Shopper therefore arises as an ideal meeting point between the end user and the manufacturer or dealer, and although in our country is not yet well known, will soon be appreciated and sought.


Simona Nurcato