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Platinum range even more powerful

Presents the new Baxi Luna HT Platinum GA modulation 1:10, automatic control system of the combustion GAC and pump modulation total.

Already known and appreciated by the market, the range of condensing boilers Baxi Luna HT Platinum is renewed with models Luna Platinum HT GA, ideal for new installations and replacements.

Designed for maximum home comfort, Platinum boilers are equipped with a technology platform Think, which makes them particularly user friendly.


The new GA models are distinguished by :



GAC System (Gas Adaptive Control)

The electronics and the gas valve with stepper motor of which are equipped with the new boilers Luna Platinum HT GA ensure the automatic control of combustion (GAC).

The system continuously measures the flame signal during operation of the boiler and adjusts the gas flow rate so as to maintain constant the quality of combustion.


Notable advantages of GAC:


-  reduction of installation time as it is not required any intervention of manual adjustment of the gas valve or exchange nozzles;

- the boiler is self-adapts the gas quality and the length of the exhaust fumes: there are no manual adjustments to Do;

- reduction in gas consumption and lower environmental impact as the boiler operates always adjusted to the values ​​of maximum efficiency.



Modulation 1:10


The modulation system Platinum range of HT GA is able to adjust the thermal power produced effective power dissipated from the building to avoid overheating / cooling of premises.

With this wide field modulation is a reduction of on / off resulting in an improvement of the efficiency of the boiler and consequently a considerable saving to the end user; in fact, discontinuous operations generate energy losses and waste of fuel that are avoided thanks to the modulation system 1:10. In this way focuses fully the aim of the heat generator, which is to provide the energy needed to maintain the environment within the conditions of maximum comfort.

Silent operation


Platinum Moon HT GA is also equipped with a special patented device Baxi: This is the system that ensures AIR BOX silent operation all courses thermal.



Pump total modulation


Luna Platinum HT GA is equipped with modulating pump. Via the boiler control circuit, the pump feels the actual need of power required to distribute the water in the plant. If an area of ​​the dwelling requires no heating, the pump reduces the power with electric energy saving and reduction of noise.

At the same time, reducing the velocity of the water in radiators, it maximizes the thermal

allowing a constant exchange and cooler water back to the heat exchanger, therefore most

flue gas condensation and higher returns.


Power set

Power set is the function to adjust the heating power according to the given project, then on the energy needs.



The innovative electronics have been designed to ensure interoperability of the new generation of condensing boilers Platinum HT GA with technologies that use renewable sources (solar systems, heat pumps) to achieve an integrated high energy efficiency.


The models Luna Platinum HT GA are both for heating only or heating and domestic hot water with power from 12 a 33 kW. Also available as accumulation Nuvola Platinum HT GAkettle with built-in 45 liters.




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