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Nearly zero energy buildings in brick with Wienerberger

It’ opened the first building of the project "Brickhouse e4 2020 ', thought to be energy self-sufficient, with the brick as the protagonist

Wienerberger, World leader in the production of bricks, has always been very attentive to the issues related to construction "sustainable". The brick, which derives from a natural raw material and ecological (clay-based), stands out for its low environmental impact, thanks to the capabilities of thermal and acoustic insulation, to its durability over time and to its cost.

The 16 October, a little more than a year of existence, was inaugurated on Zero Energy Building for the first almost entirely made of brick: e4 Brickhouse 2020. The building is located in Austria, in the city of Zwettl, and will meet 100% of energy needs through renewable resources required, thanks to a casing made with a highly performing solution monolayer signed Wienerberger brick bearing.

L'Istituto AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) monitor the building for two years to analyze the values ​​of consumption and production of energy associated with the analysis of indoor air quality.

The project was carried out in a little over a year, in fact, Work began in July 2011 thanks to the support of an enlightened private investor, Schiller construction, responsible for the design and construction. The building meets the energy parameters defined by the European Union by Directive 2010/31/EU, that defines clear objectives to be achieved by 2020: incremento del 20% energy efficiency, aumento del 20%increase renewable energy and reduction of 20% CO emissions2.

The project e4 Brickhouse 2020 corresponds to a housing model designed and supported by Wienerberger, that exceeds these ambitious goals, as it represents a building completely self-sufficient in terms of energy. Thanks to Wienerberger in a short time was therefore possible to build a energy efficient solution, that respects the environment and living comfort with a unique. All this in a little more than a year.

The design is based on the concept of "Solar House", in which a tank of water large, inside the building, heated by solar collectors on the roof, completely fulfills the demands of heat during the winter period. A small pellet boiler is occasionally activated in case of higher demand. From the analysis made on the model shows that the total requirements of the building is equal to -3.57 kWh/m²/a, thus achieving the goal of near-zero energy building.

The project Brickhouse e4 represents a complete solution that guarantees very high standards in tile energy while keeping construction costs aligned with the Austrian average.

The wall is composed of brick ground filled with rock wool (Porotherm PLANA Tues Wienerberger), the thickness of 49 cm and U-value of 0.13 W / m² K, to provide a high level of interior comfort and guarantee high quality standards.

The project e4 Brickhouse is the home of the future
The house of the future will be much more than just a place to live. It must meet strict requirements of the law, including the growing needs of its residents. With the project e4 Brickhouse, Wienerberger projects the construction world today towards a more sustainable future.

In a period of 12 months, a family produces more energy than it uses, This constitutes a positive balance between CO2 and primary energy, all at affordable prices. This project meets the customer's requirements sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability for the construction of their homes, without giving up the comfort of living. To a solution "turnkey", in little more than a year Firmata Wienerberger.

The project e4 Brickhouse 2020 represents a pioneering project, In fact, this house is the future for housing construction with maximum energy efficiency through the brick. In reference to the objectives of the European Union imposed, the housing model in Zwettl has a positive balance between CO2 and primary energy, this is possible, above all, thanks to the use of renewable sources. For the construction of the dwelling is used an aggregate panels which produce enough electricity for a whole year, also the sun will be used to provide hot water and thermal.




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