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From Russia to Brianza: The large paintings of Soviet Socialrealismo


National Exhibition

from 13 to the 21 October 2012


From Russia to Brianza: "The large paintings of the Soviet Socialrealismo"

on display at Villa Castelbarcos


This year Antiques pays tribute to Socialrealismo Soviet, a unique kind in the world, still little known but of extraordinary artistic value, historical and cultural. After the success in Berlin and Rome, who have recently hosted two exhibitions on the theme, Socialrealismo the Soviet lands in Brianza for an appointment that will lead to Vaprio d'Adda art lovers, not only Italian.

The protagonist of the Court of Honor of Villa Castelbarcos will be the all-new Collection Samara, never exposed before. "The large paintings of the Soviet Socialrealismo" This is the title of the exhibition through 50 paintings, of great scenic effect, large shops, will guide the visitors to discover the paradigms of the Soviet empire: man's strength, reference to the role of women in family and society, until the close relationship between city and industry.

The Collection Samara is the extraordinary testimony of an art form subservient to power, that speaks to the masses through the exaltation of strong values, indisputable. It is the culture as a tool of propaganda and celebration to tell the people the superiority of the great Mother Russia. But it is also the testimony of a single movement that has seen the involvement of thousands of artists, some of them of considerable value style.

The exhibition is curated by art dealer Andrea Mazzoldi and the layout is designed by architects Marina Donati and Alessandro Milani. "The large paintings of the Soviet Socialrealismo" will be inaugurated on the occasion of the opening of Antiques and will be an event that will catalyze connoisseurs and art lovers from all over Italy.

Given the great historical value, artistic and cultural exposure, "The large paintings of the Soviet Socialrealismo" received the patronage of the Foundation Center for Development of Relations Italy Russia Milan.



XXVI Edition – National Exhibition

From 13 to the 21 October 2012 Villa Albani Castelbarcos, Vaprio d'Adda - MI

The exhibition is sponsored by the Municipality of Vaprio d'Adda, by the Province of Milan and the Department of Commerce, Tourism and Services Lombardy Region.


Where – Come – When

Period of development:

from 13 to the 21 October 2012


Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu - Fri from 15.00 all 20.00

Sat - Sun from 10.30 all 20.30

Admission :

open to the public pay: Euro ticket 10 - Reduced Euro 6


Castelbarcos Villa is located in Vaprio d'Adda - Milan

only 1 km from the exit of Trezzo (A4 MI-BG)

Organizing Secretariat:

Ente Fiera del Barco Villa Albani Castelbarcos

via for Concesa, 4 – 20069 Vaprio d'Adda (MI)

such. 02 9096 6953fax 02 9096 5956