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Catholic Church of Notre Dame de Bonsecours Chapel in Le Havre

Casket of light for prayer

The new church of Notre Dame de Bonsecours is located on the ground between the rue de Verdun and Rue Maridor, instead of the old building dating back to 1913, demolished due to its poor structural condition. The Diocese of Le Havre, in the role of principal, decided to entrust the work to the study AGAPE Architectes, specializing in restructuring, public and private building. Before proceeding to the construction, in 2009, has been redesigned scanning the soil buildable, from which it is derived not only the new building for worship, but also a system of social housing. And the new church took shape this new function area that integrates the liturgical and pastoral life.

The reorganization of the space has been the backbone that has led every stage of development, from design to completion of the work. The plan of the building comes from a strong bond of base: the altar, center, place in line with the apse and cut by the director of the baptistery. The result is a symbolic message of profound Christian nature, eschatological. This new spatial tension is crucial because it marks the new building to be dynamic. And the light, measured, controlled, defines and enhances this basic intent, transforming the solid masonry reinforced concrete exposed in a setting of light to accommodate the liturgical functions.

Therefore becomes indispensable importance of the glass: Madras®. Particularly, the model Wires, chosen for the highest openings of the outer walls, softly diffuses the light in support of the prayer of the faithful. His reason for long and narrow satin bands, similar to blades of grass and giant stylized, on a satin maté, more opaque, raises up the prospects of the construction, had an important symbolic value. Therefore, not only light but also design, in a single model: Madras® Wires, result of the experience of Vitrealspecchi in acid-etched and chemical etching of flat glass, and synonymous with Italian quality. Quality common to all models of the collections Madras®, and which results in an easier maintenance and a higher resistance to fingerprints.

Madras® Wires, available with either orientation parallel to the short side of the plate (cm 225) that the long side cmm 321), is suitable for a multiple range of applications: in esterni, thanks to its large reason, that can be heard from far away, for facades and perimeter openings (as in the case of Notre Dame de Bonsecours), balconies, shelters, balustrades, ecc. In the interior, for partition walls, all-glass doors, shower walls, eetc. and, when installed as a horizontal surface, offers interesting applications, support surfaces such as tables and all glass.

Strengthened and also available on the float already stratified, according to UNI EN 12543: 2000, Madras® Wires are also paintable, thus becoming an innovative surface finishing. Depending on the type of paint / enamel applied, you can install the exterior cladding (facades, balconies, ecc.) and internal (wall cladding, doors of kitchen cabinets and doors, furnishing, ecc.).etc..














Diocese of Le Havre.




Anthony Pelissier and Philippe Mariette


Economics and Environmental Studies: ECHOS




166, rue de Verdun, Le Havre (France).



400 m2



180 seating (until 250 people during the major holidays).


Energy performance:

building complies with RT 2005, deposited in 2010.


Amount of work:

1.300.000 € HT*, furniture including.


Duration of work:

2009 – 2012


Inauguration and consecration:

17 May 2012





*Hors Tax = VAT escl.


The text of the press release is prepared by 'Press Vitrealspecchi. Thank you for your cooperation study AGAPE ARCHITECTES, for photos and texts kindly provided.

Vitrealspecchi and the author remain at your disposal for the revision of errors and omissions.




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