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standing before the fire…
… and contemplate for hours on hot shades is a delight seemingly banal and mysterious that for millions of years captured the attention of the man. The strength of the fire charmer with a delicate power touches the deepest chords of our unconscious. The fire also is not afraid of the dark, does not fear cold weather and has always protected the man illuminating and warming his cave. The fire is an invention of nature that transmits the same pleasure to three different philosophies of life: loneliness, the company and the family. Staying ahead of the fire predisposes us to reflect on ourselves and on our lives, but also to stop for a while 'the flow of our thoughts. The fire has the hypnotic power to inspire and radiate tranquility and calmness. But the man of today do not have the time to be quiet and calm. The house is an oasis where you protect yourself from the attack of fast pace of today. The domestic fire consolidates the rites of the family and strengthens the bonds of friendship. In front of a roaring log man can undo all the historical evolution, to detach from current and to rediscover its "being".
Producing stoves and wood-burning stoves, Wekos promotes a new way of life built around the man and not around things. On the farm, in addition to the "research center" where the technicians are working to make continuous improvements to the products and, to the "Test Center", where there is the quality of the stoves, there is no culture of things built to propose or suggest to adopt a new way of living.
Who opens the doors of his house to make way for a wood stove does to give an extra calories (and not in the sense thermal!) to his way of relating with people, with things, with the world.
The owners of the Sommacampagna can and are able to transfer their philosophy of life in the things you do for a living. Here's what they have in most stoves and kitchens Wekos.


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