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Wienerberger: solutions for the world of brick buildings proposed in 2012

Main novelties presented by the leader in the production of bricks during the year and a preview of the 2013

During the 2012, Wienerberger presented several innovative solutions to meet the needs of professionals in the construction industry. The company has placed a particular focus on the customer, making available their experts to explore key issues related to the world of brick and organizing, eg, actual training sessions for expert advice.
A year full of activities so, during which Wienerberger has addressed issues of great relevance to the "experts", come the thermal and acoustic insulation, the mechanical strength and fire resistance.
The 2013 Wienerberger leave for some more news, with the presentation of a innovative construction solution 100% Made in Italy,designed to create Zero Energy Buildings in almost.

Sound insulation:


Thermal Insulation:

While remaining within the range of "Trims"Di Wienerberger, you can find ideal solutions to optimize the thermal insulation of buildings. Are solutions designed specifically for solve the thermal bridges, going to meet any constructional.


Mechanical resistance

Bricks Wienerberger have excellent results in terms of mechanical strength. To monitor the efficiency, the company has observed specifically different units, among those examined in particular building unit of Finale Emilia (in the Province of Modena) placed in the area affected by the earthquake 20 May. The house, made by the accountant Ubaldo Bega, is a single family residence consists of two floors and a load-bearing masonry and ground, while the wall is a monolayer plastered with a breathable product. This accommodation facility is used the product Wienerberger Porotherm BIO PLAN 45. The analysis showed that the construction, even though it were the epicenter of the earthquake that shook the Emilia, together with other buildings made of masonry load-bearing ground, did not find any signs of damage. As stated by the President dell'ANDIL, Luigi Di Carlantonio: “All this confirms that the brick can and should be considered the center of the dialectic of "build now", What material of excellence, very real in terms of performance and reliability.”


Resistance to fire

From October 1 2012, in accordance with the provisions of the DM 16 February 2007, all certificates of resistance to fire before the entry into force of the aforementioned legislation NO MORE 'VALID. In this regard Wienerberger has realized during the 2012 an important test campaign to offer its customers updated certificates. These tests were carried out with the collaboration of the prestigious Jordan Institute, has certified that the imported results obtained with bricks Wienerberger. The company also has always been transparent and thorough in communicating to its customers, the efficient laboratory results in line with industry regulations.

Innovative solutions for renovations: System Porotherm extra DRYFIX

In 2012 Wienerberger also presented to the public a innovative solution for renovations: the System Porotherm DRYFIX. This solution combines the brick Porotherm BIO PLAN adjusted with the adhesive Porotherm DRYFIX extra. The result is a system that ensures elevating standard shipyard, accelerating operations pose, eliminating thermal bridges and ensuring maximum cleaning than using traditional mortar.

Wienerberger held from September to November 2012 Special training days, the Open-Day, during which have been proposedsimulations of posing through the System Porotherm DRYFIX directly at the main outlets of the national territory.

The 2012 it was therefore concluded with Wienerberger technology innovation and energy saving, as the sole leader in the sector can provide customized solutions for every construction requirements.

Preview 2013: the new product Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5 T-0,09

During the 2013 Wienerberger present to the public the new product Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5 T-0,09 that completes the wide range of brick.
With a conductivity λ = 0.09 W / mK this construction, that allows to create single-layer brick buildings with a transmittance of U = 0.20 W / m² K, is at the top of the Italian market, providing a phase shift that goes beyond the summer 24 hours. With this new solution Wienerberger confirms its position at the top of the Market, offering a constructive solution 100% Made in Italy designed to create buildings to nearly Zero Energy (NZEB). The fair KlimaHouse 2013, Bolzano, from 24 to the 27 January, will be an opportunity to present this new solution.

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