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Wienerberger al Klimahouse 2013

The company, pioneer in the development of innovative tile, presented new solutions for the design and sustainable construction


Wienerberger, presented, at the last edition of the Klimahouse of Bolzano, new solutions designed for the construction industry and innovative ways to design buildings to nearly Zero Energy.

As shown in Dario Mantovanelli, Responsabile Marketing Wienerberger Italia: “the Klimahouse, which is confirmed as a leading trade fair in the field of sustainable always offering new perspectives and interesting projects for the future, was, by Wienerberger, an important opportunity to meet and discuss with the engineers in the construction industry.
The large audience, who visited our stand, showed much interest in systems Wienerberger brick. Among these, in particular the new addition to the family adjusted PLAN, the Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5T – 0,09 thought, against a transmittance U equal to 0,20 W / m² K, to make buildings energy to almost zero and the System Porotherm extra DRYFIX, for renovations.
A confirmation of the continuing care that Wienerberger dedicated to the issues of energy conservation and sustainability, we have also presented the e4 project Brickhouse 2020, stratigraphy where a single layer of brick plastered simply becomes the protagonist of a building to nearly Zero Energy, a Home Solar energy self-sufficient


Also, Wienerberger, company deeply rooted in the Emilia, has mobilized to bring their systems in brick, Winning both from a performance point of view both of speed of installation, to provide practical solutions that allow you to restore the civic activities of primary importance in Municipalities most affected by the earthquake of 20 and 29 May 2012.
At the fair was, in fact, presented the project of reconstruction of the Multipurpose Service Center in Rovereto sulla Secchia in the municipality of Novi di Modena, highlighting also the possible forms of donation for the completion of the structure.


Porotherm BIO PLAN  42,5 T – 0,09: New Solution for Nearly Zero Energy buildings
The new Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5 T – 0,09 is the new solution signed Wienerberger entirely made in Italy, ideal for an environment biocompatible. This solution extends the family Porotherm BIO PLAN Wienerberger, composed of ground bricks made of clay and wood flour, able to ensure an excellent energy saving.
On the occasion of Klimahouse 2013 was possible to feel this innovative system, the best solution "Made in Italy" Wienerberger to almost Zero Energy Buildings to.Its use ensures excellent thermal transmittance, a high thermal insulation and a low conductivity. In addition, a technology and ground thin septations allow a reduction of thermal bridges and better energy performance than a normal brick.
Thanks to the presence of experts Wienerberger, at the fair were presented all the applications and features of the new addition to the family BIO PLAN, that is on the market as a new and effective monolayer solution to achieve nearly zero energy buildings to.


E4 project Brickhouse: Zero Energy Building in almost
The fair was also an opportunity to officially present the recent e4 project Brickhouse, first building of the project "e4 Brickhouse 2020"Firmato Wienerberger, thought to be energy self-sufficient, with the brick as the protagonist.
This accommodation facility, realized in Austria, will meet to 100% of energy needs through renewable resources required, thanks to a performance envelope created with a solution monolayer clay carrier Wienerberger.


Adesivo Porotherm DRYFIX extra: Ideal for renovations
Novelty to revolutionize the construction activities especially during renovations, is the new adesivo Porotherm DRYFIX extra, that, associated with adjusted bricks Porotherm BIO PLAN, form the System Porotherm DRYFIX. Thanks to this innovative solution, particularly suitable for renovation, you can get many benefits during construction (how to accelerate the laying operations, eliminate thermal bridges and ensure maximum cleanliness in the work than the traditional mortar).


Bricks and seismic design: Wienerberger for the construction of Service Centre Polyvalent "Val di Non"
Wienerberger, in addition to offering new solutions and performance to facilitate construction activities, pays great attention to the issue of structural safety of buildings.
I Laterizi Wienerberger, that comply with the requirements for seismic design, were also recently donated, coupled to the adhesive Porotherm DRYFIX, for the construction of Service Centre Polyvalent "Val di Non" in Rovereto sulla Secchia, in the municipality of Novi di Modena, one of the areas most affected by the earthquake 20/29 May.





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