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Born Balls's the virtual shop for lovers of knitting



Born Balls's the virtual shop for lovers of knitting.

At the start of the new portal dedicated to the craft yarn Made in Italy

It’ born's Balls, a new portal dedicated all'aguglieria and yarn artigianali: is an online space for fans of knitting and yarn, a place where you can find suggestions and ideas to experiment with new achievements, as well as cues to three hundred sixty degrees to fully experience the hobby of knitting.

A real virtual shop then, where encounter people, enthusiasts to professionals, a place where you can also purchase yarns directly on line, with a simple clik, choosing among the various proposals of the world's Balls.

The birth of Balls's also brings with it the start of the blog “In the mood for knitting” dedicated to curiosity about the products, to insights on the universe of knitting, reporting of events and where possible a comparison will be free and open to all members of the virtual community dell'aguglieria and yarns.

For fall, Balls's offers a fresh product, delicate and light, thanks to the presence of 20% cashmere that gives volume without weighing and 60% cotton which gives freshness. The remaining 20% Silk gives slippery and brilliant colors. It’ it Spring Cashmere, a yarn whose specificity is given by the composition as a whole has that much lighter than the garments made entirely of cotton, thanks to the presence of cashmere which gives volume without appensantire, ensuring an end result of greater delicacy. Furthermore, the thermal insulation characteristics of its cashmere help the body to adapt to thermal shock in addition to absorbing moisture. The Spring Cashmere is a viable alternative to cotton garments multi-wire, while also offering an added value in terms of both comfort and aesthetics.

The material used comes from the cashmere goat Hircus Engragrus, whose specificity is to have a double coat: one surface consisting of long fibers, shiny and coarse (le giarre) and a lower layer finer, soft and warm (called duvet). It’ own duvet that is derived from the soft cashmere used in the product's Balls.


Who's Balls?

Balls's is a world that combines cashmere products, lamb's wool extra fine, camel, angora, cotton, silk. Suggests yarns strictly "Made in Italy "high-quality and offers the possibility to buy them directly online thanks to’ecommerce active on the site

The yarns of Gomitoli's are derived from natural fibers and the craftsmanship Yarn arises as a fundamental criterion the quality of the product, which is derived from a particular care for the craftsmanship for knitting yarns, well as a quality research associated with deep knowledge of raw materials and spinning tecnhche. A passion that finds its roots in the early '900 and therefore has a long history and tradition.