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The excellence of Made in Italy for nearly Zero Energy Buildings to

News 2013 Tues Wienerberger: Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5 T – 0,09
The excellence of Made in Italy for nearly Zero Energy Buildings to

The new born in the family Porotherm BIO PLAN of Wienerberger was created to offer un'efficacie solution monolayer, ideal for the realization of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings to (NZEB), that stand out for their high performance in terms of energy efficiency.


What are the characteristics of the block Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5 T – 0,09?:


What are the advantages in construction activities using Porotherm BIO PLAN 42,5 T – 0,09?

The new brick Made in Italy Tues Wienerberger, offer benefits both during design that in terms of living comfort. But not only, this solution in fact also facilitates all construction activities and the construction of a building.

I shutter speeds are reduced by 50% thanks to a perfect fit of the brick blocks. The reduction of timing is determined also by the use of special mortar Porotherm BIO PLAN that mixes readily with water within a normal bucket.

With this innovative mortar is reduced to a minimum the use of silos, gru o betoniere, allowing save both on the consumption of water that on’electric energy in construction activities. Also, thanks to the horizontal joints of only 1 mm, consumption is reduced by mortar 90%, there are no off-cuts and the yard is cleaner.


Technical Support, the pride of Wienerberger


Wienerberger and its technical department offer a unique level of excellence in the field of, from design to construction site, providing their staff for advice to designers in selecting the most suitable to the needs of the project. Provide, also, qualified personnel in the yard for the correct installation. Innovation and quality have made Wienerberger company leader in the brick industry.


Klimahouse 2013: Wienerberger presents a new solution family Porotherm BIO PLAN


To touch this innovative solution tile Made in Italy Firmata Wienerberger, all the press are invited to attend the next edition of the fair Klimahouse of Bolzano (24-27 January 2013) booth Wienerberger Italy (B09/24 sector AB).
Now it will be possible to discuss with the technicians of all applications and specific features of this tile block. The fair will be an opportunity to officially present the recent housing project e4 Brickhouse, the first building to Nearly Zero Energy made entirely of bricks Wienerberger signed.

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