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New for breakfast Made in Germany

There is no dietician who does not stress the importance of a nutritious breakfast to wake up the metabolism and face the day with vitality. An important moment both individually and for the whole family.'s New Severin Egg Cooker(EK3127) allows you to get the perfect doneness: creamy, 'To Cocque’ (3′ 4′) or hard (8′-10′).An audible automatic means in fact the preset level is reached. The egg cooker allows you to enter up to 7 eggs simultaneously and can also be used to cook rapidly steamed vegetables. Coated stainless steel, is equipped with cool-touch handle and a transparent cover with safety valve. With an output of 400W is on sale from € 59.

According to expert chefs cook the egg before it is advisable to drill a small hole in the end more rounded so that the air can escape without breaking the shell.

A new study published in the scientific journal Nutrition Research, indicates that eating eggs for breakfast reduces hunger and decreases calorie consumption at lunch and throughout the day.

The advice to see if an egg is fresh. Shake your ear: if it is fresh you will feel no noise. Soak it in water: if it is cool fall to the bottom in a horizontal, egg 8 days you will have sideways forming with the bottom an angle of 45 °, over the 8 days will take a position increasingly vertical. Break it in a saucer: the egg must be round and the egg must be collected around. Try to crush it between your fingers from the ends: if it is cool does not break!

The identity card of the egg: code traceability (required by 2004) on the shell helps us to choose the most suitable for our breakfast egg. The first digit indicates the type of breeding: “0″ corresponds to an organic farm, “1″ outdoor rearing, “2″ breeding ground and “3″ breeding battery, or cages. The second code indicates the country of origin of eggs: “IT” obviously corresponds to Italy. In addition to the expiration date is then indicated the quality class: “A” fresh eggs, “B” eggs that are not intended for mass distribution, but the processing industry.

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