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Hot days? Not for a guest desert!

For those who want to satisfy a desire for exoticism without complications, Exo Terra will creat Habitat kit, Already a terrarium complete with accessories, ideal for hosting small frogs, lizards, geckos and to bring home wild sensations.

The Habitat Exoterra kit is available in two environments: “Desert”, for those who are fascinated by sand and dunes "Rainforest”, for those who can not resist the lure of the rainforest.

It is ideal for enthusiasts who for curious beginners, includes all the elements needed to set up and start the terrarium (setting natural rock, substrate, rocks or plants, dispenser for water, over which a lighting system specific for these animals).

The terrarium is made of glass and has two extra-large front doors that facilitate access to the structure. A metal panel on the upper part of the environment and ensures continuous ventilation permits the UVB rays of the illumination system to filter fluorescent lights inside.

Furthermore, the Habitat Kit is accompanied by a manual that explains the installation process, decoration and maintenance.

And if ... the adventure is not for you, you can always fall back on the classic and peaceful turtle: Exo Terra has solutions "residential" for them!


Habitat Kit Desert

SMALL: 30x30x30 cm

MEDIUM: 45x45x45 cm


Habitat Kit Rainforest

SMALL: 30x30x cm

MEDIUM: 45x45x cm



SMALL: 45x45x30 cm

MEDIUM: 60x45x35


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