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BMSolar presents the fifth version of the technology BlackMagic

Intelligence in PV Made in Italy


With the latest developments in the family of optimizers, solar panels produce more energy, with high standards of safety and control

BMSolar, the first European reality specialized in solving problems related to the photovoltaic industry, dal fin 2006 introduced in the market line optimizers for solar BlackMagic, fully completed and produced in Italy.
Thanks to this technology, inserted between the panel and inverter, it is possible to increase the yield and the production of electric energy (recovering up to 98% the energy that would be lost, mainly into heat), avoiding losses inherent panel. The photovoltaic for the first time exceeds its limits, with the introduction of features that make the "intelligent", ie able to disperse less energy thanks to a refined function that takes into account a multiplicity of factors. Intelligence in photovoltaics is also the introduction of safety functions and control.

• Over the years,, BMSolar has gradually integrated solutions originally introduced in the market, functionality with increasingly specific. BMSolar now presents the latest evolution of technology BlackMagic (fifth version).

What are the main features of the new technology BlackMagic?


Duration: with new resins protection is afforded a longer period of time and then the system optimizer in general.

Intrinsically Safe Fire: was reinforced the mechanism of implementation of safety in case of fire, which is based on the principles of intrinsically safe, ie able to isolate each panel. This mechanism operates, without protocols or electronic controls, but through control of temperature gradient (when the temperature rises too suddenly intervenes the safety automatic).

String boxes clever: BlackMagic technology has also expanded its range including string boxes "smart", tools to better manage all the strings in parallel. The monitoring of the string parameters is extremely accurate thanks to the technology of precision shunt ammeter. Control the behavior of the strings helps failure prevention and the loss of performance, preserving the performance of the photovoltaic system as a whole.


Burglar day and night: has developed a new theft Night autonomous that controls both the theft of panels that one of the very expensive copper cables arranged between the string boxes and the inverter. The alarm is active 24 hours/365 days and is based on the measurement of the impedance variations of the string and continuity on the cables, checking the continuity in a complete and intelligent


Software monitoring and control: This technology allows data acquisition and processing of information from all components of the, and the management and control of any ancillary components. BMSolar also provides access to their data collection portal that processes the records from the photovoltaic field.


Weather station: it is a device able to carry out surveys and specific measurements on the following factors: temperature, humidity, speed and wind direction, solar irradiance.


Because by the end of next incentives becomes necessary to apply the technology BlackMagic?


BlackMagic is the only technology that makes it convenient to the construction of plants even without incentives since it is able independently to increase the production of energy, preserving the aging of the plant and increasing the level of control and security. condition GridParity (point where the electrical energy produced from alternative energy sources has the same price of traditional energy produced by traditional sources of energy) will become increasingly important as technologies that focus on quality (and hence to the greater energy production).

The small, medium plants will be more and more towards consumption and to optimize performance, maximizing the production of energy and by securing the panel in case of fire.
From 2006 to the 2012 the cost of electric energy in Italy increased by +32,8%, of petroleum products in the +44% (according to sources ISTAT) and these figures are expected to worsen in the future.
The house and the small company 2013 will always be more energy independent, thanks to the introduction of systems that accumulate, how to avoid increases in the cost of energy purchased from the grid.
The spread of new large (> 1 MWp) is very restricted in the current V energy bill, now coming to an end, but will have a future in the areas of energy- (industrial areas, in grid parity).
The issues of efficiency and safety will henceforth increasing need for innovative solutions and technological evolutions BlackMagic fit in this direction.




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