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A story of passion, meetings, ancient knowledge and advanced technology.

It 's the passion of two young brothers, Claudio and Alberto Bevilacqua, that gives rise to the wave Lithos Design experience of a family that has 30 years of history. It 'meeting with the designer Raffaello Galiotto that gives the brand aesthetic company. The secret of the product Lithos Design is hidden in these few lines, coatings and modular partition walls built to create design, made unique by the natural uniqueness of each stone whose unique characteristics are highlighted and add value in knowing how to cut, work, shape.

Each model was created in the laboratory of Lithos Design, the idea is developed through trial, errors, Corrections: in the same manner in which fathers bend the hardness of natural stone with loving effort to shape it today Lithos Design laboratory plasma technology to get in maximum harmony with the stone and reveal the hidden beauty more.

It 'sa story still young to Lithos Design, born in 2007, but it is a beautiful story full of passion, clear ideas and entrepreneurial spirit that authentic made of hard and exciting work. Lithos Design is today recognized as one of the most innovative companies in emerging market landscape of stone design, can count on a team of young labor, preparatory and customer-oriented, a growing enthusiasm encouraged by the results and the appreciation of their universal products. And look forward, increasingly forward.

It 'a beautiful Italian history to Lithos Design.


Via the Motto, 25

36070 – San Pietro Mussolino – Vicenza – Italy

TELEPHONE: +39 0444 687301

FAX: +39 0444 687398